3 Powerful Health Drinks

Dansk 🇩🇰

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I been going crazy with tocotrienols lately – my new favorite. These ‘tocos’ are a type of vitamin E that are present in only a very small fraction of plants, where rice bran and palm oil are quite rich sources.

It’s a nutrient that I only recently have come across, and which science has started to really dig into in the last few centuries, and preliminary studies have shown quite promising results. 

It turns out that this unsaturated form of vitamin E very is very helpful when it comes to strengthen your skin, hair, muscles and bones, it protect and support your brain, help prevent cancer, aids in reducing bad cholesterol and has anti-inflammatory properties. So dig in!

As you can tell from the vid I get my tocos from Cloud Powder from Moodbeli - a mix of rice bran solubles, coconut milk powder, and coconut water powder, that adds a wonderful creamy flavor consistency.


Serves 2: