Hanne Robinson Is The Woman Behind Haro Care

- and perfect health is my passion.

As far as I can remember my mind has navigated in the directions of how to get and keep a healthy complexion, a strong mind, and a vital body and only by the help from Mother Nature.

I'm Danish, a NGH certified hypnotherapist, Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga teacher, bachelor of commerce, and have eight years of experience as a coach. I have travelled around the world, been a producer at the National Danish Broadcast Corporation for ten years, and worked at NATO’s Airbase in Kandahar/Afghanistan for 2,5 years.

Many years of intense fitness training combined with a strong interest in yoga, meditation, hypnosis, diet and skin care plus educations from Copenhagen Business School and Quantum Yoga Teacher Training in India have given me a unique understanding of how you through exercising of the unmanageable mind, a healthy diet, workout and love can achieve great things in your life.

Vitality and beauty are gifts of nature for those who live according to its laws
— Leonardo Da Vinci