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The Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea – Has Matcha Tea found a worthy challenger?

Hibiscus tea has been linked to a range of health and skin benefits· get 11 health & beauty benefits of hibiscus tea · lose weight with hibiscus and improve your exercise performance· lowers blood pressure · antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties · improves your mood · relieves menstrual pain · learn how hibiscus improves your skin and hair· get the best hibiscus tea recipes.

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How to Clean Your Home, Body and Spirit with Palo Santo

6 ways to use palo santo. Learn all about Palo Santo and its wild oil, resin and incense and why it has become increasingly popular. Discover the magic and healing power of Palo Santo Wood. Palo Santo benefits include energy cleansing, purifying, inspiring creativity and more. Get the guide to clean a room with smoke, how scents affect brain and body, and how to smudge. And get recipes on palo santo tea and body lotions.

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The Ketogenic Diet: The Ultimate Keto Guide

All about Keto · 13 health benefits of a ketogenic diet · What is ketosis · Keto and the brain function ·  Keto for women · How to get into ketosis · How to know if you’re in ketosis · The keto side effects and how to combat them ·  How to start the keto diet · What do I eat on a keto diet · The keto grocery list · Keto for vegetarians · ·Butter Coffee · Keto Coffee.

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