How to Make Homemade MSM Eye Drops

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This little bottle of saltwater and MSM powder has become my new addiction. 

You’re supposed to massages the eyelids with it, which I do daily, but I also like to put a drop straight in the eyes several times a day, as it immediately moisturises and refreshes my hardworking eyes.

How to Improve your vision without surgery

The common belief around eye conditions is that there’s nothing you can do about it besides buying stronger and stronger glasses, having surgery or watch and track the progress. That it'll inevitably get worse, and there is no way to reverse or regenerate the deterioration. 

We’ll a growing body of research shows that the opposite is true.

The reason I'm into all this at the moment is that I recently had to buy stronger glasses, and it frustrates me.  So I committed myself to a 90-day eye improvement challenge. The trial involved eye drops, eye massages, eye training, sun gazing, and palming.

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MSM for the eyes

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a sulfur-rich compound and sulfur actually is like sticky flypaper that attracts toxicities, and it helps flush those toxicities out of the body. Sulfur is needed to recycle glutathione, which is the “master antioxidant” in the body, and critically important for eye health.

MSM eye drops soften all the tissue, reduce inflammation, and help to remove toxicities from any part of the eye – especially the vitreous, which is the back, jelly-like part of the eye.

Moreover. MSM increases cell permeability, which improves nutrient flow and absorption throughout the eye. This is important for balancing intraocular pressure, removing toxicities from the eye, and repairing damaged membranes.

MSM eye drops can help eliminate eye floaters and relieve eye problems such as cataract and glaucoma.

I make my own eye drops because most store bought eye drops contain preservatives and chemicals that our eyes should not be exposed to long-term and can cause eye irritation to become worse. 

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How to Make Homemade Eye Drops With MSM

Why I make my own eye drops

  • The ingredients I use are safe - no strange additives.

  • It’s non-irritating and effective.

  • It’s inexpensive and easy to make.

MSM Eye drop Recipe





    1. Wash hands thoroughly, a pair of clean gloves is recommended.

    2. Clean working surfaces.

    3. Place your equipment in the sink.

    4. Pour boiling hot demineralised water over your equipment.

    5. Wipe it all off with sterilising wipes.


    1. Boil the 8 oz. / 2,5 dl. demineralised water

    2. Pour in into a jug.

    3. Add the salt.

    4. Stir until dissolved.

    5. Strain into another jug or glass.


    1. Pour 1.6 oz. / 0,5 dl salt water into a jug with a pouring lip

    2. Add MSM powder.

    3. Stir until dissolved.

    4. Pour the mixture into a dropper bottle.

    5. The eye drops should stay good as long as the organic sulfur (MSM) does.

    6. Shake the solution before use.

How to use MSM eye drops:

  • First test a few drops on your arm for any allergic reaction.

  • To achieve the most benefit, apply the MSM eye drops to your eyes on a regular basis.

  • I apply one drop to each eye 2-4 times a day.

  • Wash your hands before putting in your eye drops.

  • Keep the dropper from touching any part of your eye.

Note that it’s normal for a bit of a sting in the first minute when applying the eye drops, this is a good thing because that opens up the eye circulation.

MSM eye massage

This MSM eye massage is excellent for inflammatory eye conditions, blepharitis, dry-eye, improving the lymph system, and stimulation of tears.

  1. You can do it lying down in bed.

  2. Wash your hands before you start.

  3. Close your eyes.

  4. Put one drop in the corner of each eye - or if you’re up for it, you can run the eye drops back and forth along the eyelashes.

  5. Spread the eye drops across the eyelashes with your fingers.

  6. Then massage the upper and lower eyelids.


MSM Drops are safe and non-toxic. Those who are allergic to sulfur, which is found in eggs, garlic, and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and kale, should not use MSM Drops.

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