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Top 5 Exercises to Burn Fat Without Stressing the Body

5 simple training principles for high fat burning and strong muscles · how to easily train for a strong and smooth body without a personal trainer or hard self-discipline· learn how training with the right intensities can create that harmony the body needs to create all the helpful hormones that’ll keep your muscles strong, your back straight, your bones solid, your brain sharp and your BMI on a healthy level.

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Safe Sun Exposure

Read all about how to safely get that healthy bronze tan · the importance of sun exposure · learn the difference between uva, uvb and uvc · why vitamin-D from the sun is best · sunscreens and melanoma · natural sun protection · eat your sunscreen and rejuvenate your skin · 12 healing reasons to catch some rays · the best way to sunbathe · natural homemade sunscreen recipe.

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