Homemade Ice Cream with Only Three Ingredients

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This tart is a sure winner whenever I have guests. It looks a bit heavy for dessert, but it is surprisingly sweet, soft, fresh - and healthy.

Peppermint is perfect after a meal as the herb improves and calms digestion - so if you are not a big pepper mint tea drinker, you can instead indulge in peppermint sweets for dessert.

The tart is vegan and sugar free. I have found the recipe on an Instagram post from Kath and Jade / panaceas_pantry. Their cake is a little more smooth because they add soy lecithin.



Kath and Jades smooth version

Kath and Jades smooth version

Peppermint tart:



  1. Add nuts, cacao, salt and coconut to a mini chopper. Blend until fine crumbs form.

  2. Add dates one at a time and blend until a sticky ball forms.

  3. Press the base into your desired cake pan

Peppermint tart

  1. For the tart: drain cashews and rinse. Add cashews, plant milk, vanilla, peppermint, maple syrup, spirulina and lecithin (if using), to the mini chopper.

  2. Blend on high until very smooth.

  3. Taste, and add more peppermint or maple syrup if desired.

  4. Add the melted cacao butter, and again blend on high, for one minute.

  5. Pour the mixture onto your base, then bang out and bubble and smooth the top of the cake down with a spoon.

  6. Set in the freezer overnight.

To serve

  1. Remove cake from freezer and tin. Decorate with swirls of raw chocolate. Learn how to melt chocolate properly here.

  2. It will need to defrost for 5-10 mins before your dig in.