Hanne Robinson Is The Woman Behind Haro Care

- and perfect health is my passion.

How to achieve the most vital body, a strong mind and glowing skin? As far as I can remember my mind has navigated in the directions of how to obtain and sustain beauty, health and success by the intelligence of Mother Nature and the power of the mind.

I'm Danish and I'm 52. Besides that I am a NGH certified hypnotherapist, Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga teacher, bachelor of commerce and have eight years of experience as a coach. I have travelled around the world, been a producer at the National Danish Broadcast Corporation for ten years, worked at NATO’s Airbase in Kandahar/Afghanistan for 2,5 years.

Many years of intense fitness training combined with a strong interest in yoga, meditation, hypnosis, diet and skin care plus educations from Copenhagen Business School and Quantum Yoga Teacher Training in India have given me a unique understanding of how you through exercising of the unmanageable mind, a healthy diet, workout and love can achieve great things in your life.

Vitality and beauty are gifts of nature for those who live according to its laws
— Leonardo Da Vinci